Reon Group was established in 2015 and began its journey with Easy Way Visa Solution (old), Reon Tours & Events Ltd. (new).

The group flourished with its gradual demand in the market. Apart from Tours & Events, Real Estate other successful areas where the group operates include Architectural work, Construction, Interior Design, Restaurant, Entertainment & Spoting Club etc. Backed by a high density of advanced technology and sophisticated manufacturing facilities.

Reon group

On Going Projects

Reon Bilkiss Palace

Reon Bilkiss Palace is at Arshi Nagar 10 minute driveway from Mohammadpur Bus Stand. Average Apartment site of Bilkiss Palace is 1016-1252 SFT.

Reon Aroma House

Reon Aroma House is at Laboni Point 10 minute driveway from Mohammadpur Bus Stand. Avarage Apartment size is 1100-1300 SFT.

RPL LR Tower

RPL LR Tower is at Arshi Nagar 10 Minute Driveway from Mohammadpur Bus Stand. Avarage Apartment size is 1230-1250 SFT.

Our Sister Concern

Reon Group Real Estate
Reon Properties Limited
Reon Entertainment
Reon Sporting Club
Reon Architecture & Design Limited
The Pure Food
Reon Tours & Events

Voice From Chairman

Reon group want to represent the people and our country near to the world. In a country like Bangladesh, which had set a vision of moving forward in the digital perspective despite the volatile economic status quo, we are leaping ahead towards a great future with good reputation.


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