Reon Group

The Reon Group began with the Easy Way Visa Solution in 2015.  Which was a lot of problems to our country people & students are less likely to study outside the country with a visa, so the business cannot spread too much?  But Reon Group Chairman’s best efforts led to the front the companies. In this way, added Reon Properties Ltd in 2018.

The Reon Group was incepted way back in 2015 Visa solution as a service company dealing in Tour & Travels & Visa Solution. It was founded by the extraordinary vision and sheer tenacity of its present Chairman Mahamudul Hassan Reon.

Constantly evolving the Group has moved from pillar to post by reinventing and expanding its business verticals. Today the Reon Group has become a Leading Real Estate and Service & others Company. Furthermore by committing to build the world of tomorrow… today, business and has boldly taken on challenging Real Estate & service Development projects.

Led by the ramifications of this success, Reon geared up to invest in new fields, including and trading. More enterprises were established in the early 2020 & 2021s, covering diverse activities involving the production of Interior & Design, and a trading company, Restaurant, among others. The group experienced this tremendous growth in a span of less than 7 years. During this period, additional schemes on land development and real estate were launched and those projects focused more sharply on increasing responsiveness to client needs. The Group’s first Tour & Travels & Visa Solution service company, the Easy Way Visa Solution.