Company Profile: 

Easy way visa solution has been renamed Reon Tours & Events Ltd.

Easy Way Visa Solution (Old), Reon Tours & Events Ltd. (New) is the sister concern of Reon Group. This company provide visa solution services besides Visa Solution, tour & travel management, but recently change our business policy. Now our service tours & Events management.

Easy Way Visa Solution, (Old) Reon Tours & Events Ltd. (New) was established in 2015 Bangladesh. Easy Way Visa Solution (Old) Reon Tours & Events Ltd. (New) is an international student recruitment Agency from Tours & Events Managment Service stating. Easy Way Visa Solution (Old) Reon Tours & Events Ltd. has offering worldwide tours with an expanding team ready to help individuals in their endeavor as a Clients. Our team aim to ease our clients into their life as a Tourist, whether at home or abroad. Our experienced team works proficiently in providing cilents with the information necessary to gain into tours and events worldwide. Easy Way Visa Solution (Old) Reon Tours & Events Ltd. provides guidance to our chosen Locations.

We will review our tours & events with your future plan. According to your needs, we will assist you in selecting suitable gouid, location of events & all other related issues. You will get proper guidance from us who will fully comply with the update tours & events requirements.

Our dedicated and well experienced tours gouid are always ready to assist you in every steps, your first visit to our office, tours & events etc. until your departure to your desired destination.

You will find detail information through prospectuses, information sheets available at our office.

Our Service:


Since 2015, Easy Way Visa Solution (Old) Reon Tours & Events Ltd. (New) has provided tour services to the Bandarban, Rangamati, Sundarbans, Cox-Bazar, Saint Martin’s Island, Sylhet in Bangladesh. Our staff has over 7 years’ experience and numerous clients, including government officials and well-known entrepreneur. We are designated and most premier tour operator for many international companies in Bangladesh and around the world. Our company also has the best service team with experienced staff for BTB or BTC Guided tour.


  • Easy Way Visa Solution (Old) Reon Tours & Events Ltd. (New) has 5 major Departments:
  • Inbound / Outbound / Charter / Ticket and Hotels Booking

*Easy Way Visa Solution (Old) Reon Tours & Events Ltd. joined Reon Group in 2015.



Reon Tours & Events Ltd. is a new event venue in Bangladesh. It will be a venue used to hold weddings, birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, corporate events, Govt. Events, School, College, University and others events. The vision is to create a one of a kind indoor and outdoor venue that accommodates small intimate gatherings as well as large special events. It will be located in the Bangladesh different where there is a beautiful view. The events held there will be able to accommodate between 50 people to as large as 1,000.


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