Mahamudul Hassan (Reon) Chairman & Managing Director of the Reon Group. His early education in Business related subjects. He joined the Utopia Education Ltd in 2013 to begin what was to become a successful career in the Tour & Travels as well as in construction, real estate business. In the early years, he gained valuable experience by being involved in the management of the related Group’s diverse business operations.

He was also working responsible for the Education Company named: West face Global Ltd (WGL). He was starting new Business Easy Way Visa Solution (old) Reon Tours & Events Ltd. (new) in 2015. Journey of the Reon Group began in 2015 with the Easy Way Visa Solution (old) Reon Tours & Events Ltd. (new) through his hand.

As the custodian of Reon Group, he would like to reiterate our commitment to the development of the country. He hopes that the Group’s cordial relations with all our valued customers and clients, as partners of prosperity, will be strengthened further in the future He also looks forward to developing successful relations with our potential customers and clients. It will certainly help us grow and serve the nation, even better in the days ahead.

Mrs. Mahbuba Moly is the wife of Mahamudul Hassan (Reon) Chairman & Managing Director of Reon Group. At Present Mrs. Mahbuba Moly is a Vice-Chairman of Reon Group. She young enthusiastic entrepreneur of the country joined the Reon Group in 2019.

She has gained the trust of our valued customers by making “Customer Service” our top priority. She is continuously upgrading and developing our services, employing highly skilled and qualified staff to meet the demand for superior services whether in servicing, marketing, selling, distributing or building.

She strongly believes that, with the grace of Allah, this approach will help achieve our goals and succeed in collaboration with our technicians, experts, and specialized business partners.

Saleh Ahmed Obtained his B.Com from Govt. Commerce College Agrabad Chittanganj in 1974 & CACC From Mallik & Company in 1979 & Bangladesh Institute of Industrial Accounts (Part).  He joined Reon Group as a Director (Finance). Here, he looks after the Administration.

He delivering significantly improved financial returns, and continuing to invest in an organized and structured manner towards future growth. The Bangladesh Property market though subdued remains active for new homes and remains strong in Dhaka compared to the rest of Bangladesh Against this strong market scenario he is continuing to advance in our own progress (projects) and developments across all our businesses.

He continues to be-focused on an expansion into new verticals and businesses to spruce up targets and drive up returns. At the same time as delivering an excellent financial performance, and returns to our buyers he have continue to invest for the future despite the land market being fraught with issues he have managed to enter into strategic Joint Venture agreements therefore ensuring continuity and a stronger presence for the long term. His business policy of strategic tie ups along with the expansion of our business portfolio together with our business model ensures that the Company remains both strong going to work.