Reon group

Want to represent the people and our country near to the world. In a country like Bangladesh, which had set a vision of moving forward in the digital perspective despite the volatile economic status quo, we are leaping ahead towards a great future with good reputation.

The group

Was created with the aim of build each real every of nature and build Bangladesh as a world economically developed and self-reliant country. The business is expanding in its area and thus it ensures strong presence in industries and business sectors, making it will one of the biggest business and arts in the country. The group now brings together entities in Tour & Events, Real Estate, Interior Design, Construction, Restaurant, Entertainment & Spoting Club infrastructure development. Recently we started our sporting club named Reon Sporting Club.

Reon Group

Strives to achieve customers Commitment first & quality best of service. Recognizing the importance of trade in the growing world economy, Reon Group has sought to listen to the views of its customers and once again endeavored to meet their requirements by offering Tour & Events, Real Estate, Interior Design, Construction, Restaurant, Entertainment & Spoting Club others all services.

Over the last few years the company has been successful in its operation plans and services offered. We do not believe in boasting about ourselves in words much, rather we believe that it is our services because of which the company has shown a splendid growth over the last few years. Of course, we do acknowledge the support of our esteem clients who have shown trust in us.

As the custodian of Reon Group, i would like to reiterate our commitment to the development of the country. I hope that the Group’s cordial relations with all our valued customers and clients, as partners of prosperity, will be strengthened further in the future. We also look forward to developing successful relations with our potential customers and clients. It will certainly help us grow and serve the nation, even better in the days ahead.


  • Mahamudul Hassan Reon
  • Chairman & Managing Director