Happy new … challenges! The New Year brings with it a bunch of, shall we say, opportunities to move your Restaurant business ahead, or at least not to get left behind.

2018 saw two seemingly far-off topics – Real Estate and Interior & Design– brought to the here and now. There also was some serious realignment of the largest companies. In the past, most purchases brought the acquirer into new markets, but several deals toward the end of 2018 saw big companies shedding recent acquisitions that were going nowhere in favor of focusing on their legacy products and markets.

We can’t recall if global trade has ever been in the spotlight before, but it definitely impacted certain segments of the Restaurant late in 2020 and probably will in 2021. Then there are the recently perennial discussions of transparency, mergers and acquisitions and how Big Food can get its groove back.

So let’s take a look:

And all that requires transparency. The term seems to evolve a little, and grows, each year, but clearly indicates people want to know more about their food. Restaurant companies are bigger and more “corporate” than ever, and consumers are further removed from farms than ever before. The Reon Group will work in 2021 to that Restaurant.